April 28, 2018


List with various slides, workshops and presentations.

University Lectures

  • 2022 - Web Technologies
    • I am teaching two groups of second-year students, roughly 50 students, Web Technologies.
    • The course focuses on core knowledge about front-end and backend, including current trends in the industry (microservices, GraphQL, architectural patterns, etc.)
  • 2019 - Open Source Working Methodologies
  • I was teaching two groups of third-year students, roughly 50 students, Open Source Working Methodologies.
  • This course was focused on Linux skills and introduced them to open source development and container-based infrastructure and concepts.
  • Jun 2018 - OpenStack overview at Faculty of Computer Science (Iasi)
    • Guest lectured at Cloud Computing course (3rd year), giving an overview of the OpenStack, community, contributor model and presenting the architecture of a few components. [Lecture slides] (https://openstack-slides.mateimicu.com/)



  • May 2017 - BEST Training Weekend - A beginner’s workshop to Git and Python
  • May 2016 - Trainer at Open Source Camp - Crash course into Python
  • May 2016 - Python training at Faculty of Computer Science (Iasi) Introduce students to Python programming language and ecosystem
  • April 2016 - Advance Git at Faculty of Computer Science (Iasi)
    • Cherry-Picking, Rebasing, advanced workflows, and integrations
  • March 2016 - Trainer at FII Practic, Iasi
    • Introduction in DevOps and automation over the course of six weeks (2h / week)