October 28, 2018

Masters Degree week#1 - week#4

In this series of posts, I’ll try to keep a weekly summary of my progress in my master’s degree. If somebody finds this on the internet, I just started a master’s degree that focuses on distributed systems at Faculty Of Computer Science(part of University Alexandu Ioan Cuza). Read more

April 21, 2018

Create Virtualbox Networks

How to create more Networks in Virtualbox. Go to : File -> Preferences… -> Network You will find two tabs: NAT Networks Host-only Networks You can use the + button to add more networks or the Edit button to find out informations like: IP Addresses Network Masks If DHCP is enabled

April 21, 2018

Install Openstack RDO

Install RedHat Deployment of OpenStack using Packstack. Packstack is a wrapper over a collection of Puppet manifests that install a specific release of OpenStack Prerequisite’s A virtual Machine with CentOS 7 Minimal with the following configurations: at least one NAT network at least one Host-Only network 8GB+ RAM 50GB+ disk space enable nested paging enable VT-x/AMD-v You can follow this article to prepare it. To enable support for vitalization (nested paging and VT-x/AMD-v) you can go to: Settings -> System -> Acceleration Conventions When you have successfully booted the VM you should have at least two network interfaces: Read more